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About me

Welcome! My Name is Vikki Blazley, I'm an artist and sculptor based in the Central West of NSW, Australia.


With over 25 years experience as a practising artist I work in many mediums including painting, drawing and a range of sculpture.


My current artwork is mainly sculpture based where I feel most free to express myself. Much of my inspiration is drawn from my horses while working with them every day on my farm. My most recent works include life size horse sculptures in both timber and bronze finishes. Also working in other metal such as steel, and am open to sculpture on any scale.

I often add elements of surrealism to my work which can be seen in my horse and whitework sculptures. I still love realism as in my portrait busts and will work to any scale in this form of sculpture. I will always love working with clay as it is very forgiving. I am also painting again but still within the genre of the "Horse". This subject matter is never ending for me. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my work, and please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece of artwork, or if you have any further questions.

Timber Bronze horse sculptures
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